killed a trans am and thought I killed my motor

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well out for a Sunday cruise and some jack wagon keeps taunting me down US 1 doing about 60 he had some work done to his mid 90's black trans am I could see his modified exhaust from behind him looked like two dump pipes under the chassis sounded like shit what ever it was any ways he keep trying to jump /rev his car next to me so finally I floored it he nosed ahead wait for it wait for it aahhh there it goes spool time
pulled back beside him and I stayed on it pulling ahead he was trying to keep up but I stayed in front by half a length the I laid off and let him go by his buddy in the passenger seat had a look of damn did that just happen but they wanted to see it thats why the kept testing me so enjoy boys, now as I continue to the gas station noticed smoke coming out of my exhaust or something great what the heck did I just do pull in pop the hood coolant every where , no treats from the gas station for my wife headed right back home hoping not to do more damage
got home smoke/steam coming out of hood neighbored out staring me down , embarrassed Poppe the hood let it cool a little bit and washed it off got the leaf blower and dried it all off , checked oil good, filled radiator back up with water and started looking
thank god it was just the little s bypass coolant hose had failed it had a slit in it
These are now over 30 year old cars.... that stuff is going to happen.

A. You put that T/A in it's place, no shame in that.

B. What does you neighbor have in his garage that would make you embarrassed about your Turbo Regal? ........ I'm jus' askin'.........:cool:

C. Nice kill.;)
I miss my 93 ford bronco 5.8 Windsor good times trying to get it stuck at the beach
go from off roading to racing then maybe both either way blowing stuff up
just read a great thread
on lower radiator hose replacement suggestions
as usual great info started by anthonyP
Finally another kill. Thanks for posting. Like to hear success stories with our Buicks. Once upon a time, I took the spring out of old hose (Ford Granada) and reused it in new hose that didn't have one. Have to look at spring and see if reusable, but sounds like silicone hose is the way to go. I know I've changed hoses a few times, but like Turbo TGuy said these cars are 30 years old. I'm probably due again soon too - time slips by even with the low mileage they need changing. Happy spooling tis our time of year to play in FL - a little cooler but not so cold (yet) we lose traction. Definitely a kill to be proud of.
I have mentioned several times about the s- bypass hose being mistaken for a blown head gasket. As soon as the turbo is rotated down for the front mount , it is the beginning of the end of that hose. I had actually cut a little off of the nipple for a little extra room. Nice kill, keep hunting!