killed batman;s vette


Feb 7, 2013
well this happened about a year ago, crusin with a buddy of mine on the 836( highway) this black awesome looking vette comes up too me, so i stare at it , its a beautiful machine, so he revs the engine and then gives the 3 horn go signal, let me tell you those things are fast, we ran for a bit, and happy to say i got him by a few cars, my buick was running great ! until i got off it and went down the exit ramp, then i heard what we all fear....a spun rod!!!! well as it turns out , i just took the car to my buick guy down here and was told it was 2 spun rods, i was like WTF!! so the mad mechanic is putting it back together for me...and those my friends are the highs and low's of owning a buick