Killed the Subaru Brat


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Took the car out for gas and a quick cruise and came up on a late model Subaru WRX wrapped baby blue with ‘stanced’ wheels, big wing, and a loud exhaust. We both came up to the light, me on the right, him on the left.

While waiting for the green I decided to play nice:

Me: Nice subie, looks like you have done some work.
Him: Umm..Yeah. (Looks at his girlfriend for validation).
Me: (Trying again nicely), Ever race or drift it?
Him: (Rolls his eyes) Yeah sometimes I guess.

Fine. Apparently he embraced his role of being a prick and was not interested in talking to a fellow car guy. While I was shaking my head the light turned green and he buzzed away at full power, 2 car lengths ahead.

Not on my watch.

I eased into the pedal, turbo spooled, and the drag radials bit.
My car went past him like he had hit the brakes and I kept it pegged for a few bus lengths just to prove a point.

I slowed down and waited just so I could see his and his girlfriend’s reaction.

He quickly turned off in shame.

Killed a Subaru Brat.

Great kill and very well written.
Thanks for the inspiration.