Kirban Open House


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Aug 5, 2002
If anyone is interested...Kirban Performance is having an Open House on sat. March 6th from 10 to 4. It is mostly for Corvettes as we sell Corvette parts also but all Turbo Buicks are welcome. We will have all our parts for sale and I will have some used parts for sale also. A chance to bring the car out of hibernation and talk Buick for a few hours. If you need directions call us at 215 766 1611.

will you guys be having another open house just for the gn's later in the year as u did 2 years ago. i wanted to come down last year but found out that u guys weere not holding it.
We might have one later in the year, but we should have a fair number of Buicks here on March 6th.
Is there going to be a cover charge for the Corvette open house as there was for the last TR open house?
I was waiting for salvagev6 to chime in.....there is no charge because we are not flying anyone in from the west coast...Molly... and we will not have a full staff there or food. The Buick open house was an all out major car show with over 200 Turbo Buicks. This will just be a laid back get together as I stated in the original post.