Knock Sensor


Ran outta hand cleaner
May 27, 2001
Does a bad knock sensor or bad connection to it cause a no spark condition ?

Still can't get my car to fire and I am trying to isolate the problem. Could this also be a bad ECM ???
Knock sensor won't cause a no start. Bad ECM can. Any codes? Check engine light on with key on engine off? Code 12? Wish I could be more help.
no check engine light

I wish you could too....this POS is starting to get me real fired up.....GGGRRRRR
I dont wanna insult your intelligence..but is the ECM power wire hooked up?

I cant tell you how many times that I have disconnected it to clear the codes..and forgot to put it back together :)

I get so mad at it till someone mentions if they are connected...then its all good :)
No insult whatsoever...

I got it connected...and I even went so far as to probe the wire for power on either side of the connection.....all good.

Slow 85 - I'll have a look the gnttype site - see if that helps me...but for right now I have ordered a new cam sensor from GM. Unless anyone want to chime in and sell me a used one...? Mike @ M+M ???
I assume that the SES light comes on when the ignition is turned on right?

I know your probably fed up by now....I know I have be there. Take a day and sit back - breathe it is important.

If you were closer I'd come over for a weekend and help ya out.......but your almost to NY

I am definitely annoyed now....Nocooler...I don't have the SES light come on when I turn the key to "ON" or "START". Does this mean something ? I have checked power to ECM and it is good on both sides of the connection near the battery.

Is the light supposed to come on ?

Bad ECM ?

I was thinking it might be my crank sensor too....the link that SLOW_85 gave shows at the bottom of the service manual page that the sensor must be gapped at .025 to the ring on the harmonic balancer...the sensor is new and I dont think it was gapped properly when it was installed.

Thanks SLOW_85 for the post on the sensor for sale !

I tried those liks (thanks !) but it says...not available...hmmmm
Got um right ?

That light is important....I'd say you have no power to the ecm or a bad ecm.....If you want to try an ecm e-mail me I have a good one laying around.
Check the bulb first. :)

Sometimes previous owners people pull them (or they burn out) because the Check Engine light is on.
More trouble

So I have no SES light upon key "ON" . I will check the bulb (good idea) then I will assume if it is good that I have a bad ECM. I get all the other idiot lights but the SES light.

I have power to it though...checked that hoping it was a fuseable link.
You probably already did but just in case don't forget to check the fuses in the fuse box(2 I think).