Kuddo's to Lonnie Dyers and Jack Laswell


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Sep 28, 2001
Last Thursday I called Jack Laswell at JL Enterprizes to let him know I was having a problem with my transmission and I needed to bring the car in to his shop for him to look at. The Trans was installed about a year or so ago with less than 500 miles driven on the car in that time. Jack sells Lonnie's transmissions, this unit is the Stage II variety.

Jack was at my house the very next day with his personal truck and trailer to pick up the car that is a 60 mile round trip to get the car. He took time out of his day to do this which he is not obligated to do. He took care of my car when he was smothered in black cars at his shop. He is a one man show but the best in the business in my book. He works on your car like it is his own and if you have seen his cars maybe at BG then you know what I mean.

He found there was a problem with the 2nd gear and it turned out to be the drum. He called Lonnie and with no questions asked Lonnie is shipping the parts needed to fix it all under warranty.
Jack had my car back to me in a few days. He even fixed a few things he saw wrong that I didn't even think about.

The Turbo Buick community can thank their lucky stars we have folks like Jack in Texas and Lonnie in Ohio taking care of our Buicks! Thanks gentlemen