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May 24, 2001
ok just got back from Vegas. We hit some of the high spots an no way could a nut (NO NOT ME!! :p) jump off any of these buildings. :biggrin: Even made it to the ride on top of the Stratosphere Tower. Dammmmm!!! What a view !! Ride was great !!! They also have another thing you can do like jumping off the tower !!! It's a controlled jump so you shouldn't "splat" when ya hit the bottom. Wife said NO to that ride :rolleyes:
...... ANYWAY .... We took a ride to the Grand Canyon an walked the glass bridge they have out there. The glass walk is a 4000' drop !!Even the walkways had these unreal drops 1000's of feet away from where you are walking . I mean ya loose your balance and your done !! No matter how much ya flapped your arms your dead ! Now there wasn't a fence or anything stopping ya from falling. How the hell do they get away with that ??? Indian reservation ??? :confused:
.... ok one more thing.. I am always looking for cars :biggrin: Driving around Vegas ya don't see a damm thing !!! Houses are all in a fort with high walls around em. Whats the deal ??? Is it that violent out there ?? I did see some shootings on TV. Maybe they need the Mafia back out there to take control :biggrin:
Vegas strip was great !! :cool:


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