Last Grand National Produced !


Pedal Masher !!!
I obtained a copy of the video shot at the Pontiac Assembly plant that documents the last production GN being assembled. The car used to show up at Bowling Green years ago in the show, but I did not see it this past year. It is easy to spot, as it had 100+ sigatures all over the engine compartment from the line workers.

Does anyone know if this car is still around and if the guy from Lousiana that purchased it, is still the owner. Just curious...

It is a great movie. The GN would not start when it hit the final line. All you hear is the starter turning over and over...with hundreds of people standing around ready to applaud...I guess the last GN did not want to leave the plant.

yeah it's still around, i believe i saw pictures of it on someone's webpage. I think it is owned still by some people who own a dealership who keep it in a showroom and maybe take it to shows. There are articles on it floating around somewhere online.