Late 1-2, no 2-3 shift????????

85 Riviera

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Aug 19, 2002
All of a sudden (after 1 year of perfect performance) my trans will not shift from 1-2 part throttle untill about 3000-to 3500 RPM's. It used to shift at 2300 part throttle. Full throttle 1-2 seems ok.

Now the 2-3 part throttle never comes, it just stays in 2nd. The only way to get it to go into 3rd is to hold it wide open untill the 2-3 wide open shift comes in, then it will go into 3rd. But as soon as I bring it down to 1st or 2nd it wont go to 3rd again untill I WOT all the way again.

It never see's 4th no matter what!

I didnt touch a thing, no TV cable changes or nothing.
I checked the governor and the spring is there.
I checked the TV cable under the pan and everything looks connected correctly.

I am lost. Please help people before I decide to junk this trans and start all over. This was a wonderful hard hitting, tire churping trans that always worked perfect before this crap started happening.
my guess is that the tv cable stretched and or broke and this in turn pulled out the failsafe rod/spring and dropped a ball within the valve body making the trans go to full tv pressure. This is what happened to my GN and the tv cable looked perfect.. the end fitting in the trsns slipped and allowed the cable to be about 2" too long doing this. drop your pan and il bet ya this is what happened. My car acted the exact same way..
I already checked that, dropped the pan this morning. Removed the TV cables lever on the valve body and reinstalled it. I can pull on the little rod and here the check ball bouncing around so i know its holding the ball up and away from blocking the hole.

Im stupped, I thought that was it also, thats why I pulled the pan first thing!
Leak in the gov circuit (seal on the gov) TV limit could be stuck.

Just taking a stab.

yea is the TV valve free? It can be stuck in causing high pressures??? Im reaching here. Where are the tranny guys???
ok now the problem is intermitted. it shifts fine through all its gears one moment, then it only does first and second the next. i have a feeling the TV valve is getting stuck becauase when it does act up, it feels like alot of TV pressure.

What would cause the TV valve to stick.

Should I wait to see if it un-sticks or frees up on its own because it is intermitted, or should I just go ahead and remove the VB to check things out?
Well I already dropped the VB.

I didnt find anything out of place or stuck, I cleaned everything up real good and re-installed it. Seems to work just fine now except for one minor detail...................................

The 1-2 shift used to be at 5200, now its at 5000
The 2-3 shift used to be at 5000, now its at 4800

A total of 200 RPM drop, not a big deal, alittle hole drilled in the governors weight will bring that up! Heck it could even be the fact that I used a differnet fluid this time maybe?