Late Spring Specials

Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
Here goes:

You must email me direct with your request referring to code assigned to the part you want. I only deal on these items with paypal. Don't request photos my descriptions are accurate and prices are extremely fair.

Where noted I note how many I have. Prices include shipping to the basic 48 states.

5-A I have 3 good used pressure tested original powermaster brake bowls. These have the yellow wording on them. Scale of 1-10 these are a 7 in appearance. Great to have as a spare. Price each is $75. Got 3 available.

5-B I have 5 used powermaster brake switches your gamble at $15 each. In other words they may or may not be good.

5-C Brand new factory sealed in the box hardbound GNX book got 2 price each is $95.

5-D For any Turbo Regal the plastic vent set used that attach inside the door jamb area. I have 4 sets. Price per set is $12. Not cracked or broken.

5-E The upgraded desirable lower steering shaft refurbished like new $119.95. I have 2. This is the hot ticket superior to the Jeep version.

5-F I have 3 vacuum brake pedals. This is what you need to convert to vacuum brakes. Price is $55 each. I have 3 to sell.

5-G Own a later front wheel drive Grand Sport GS Regal I have 2 sets of used emblems the door set and trunk lid set. Own both sets for $19.

5-H Again front wheel drive GS Regal I have two different factory CDs for those models. Rare. Not sure what year. Own both for $15.

5-J For any Turbo Regal the desirable flip down stay down license plate bracket redone like new. Just $25 each. I have 4 of them.

5-K In the GM wrapper #919873 and 919874 the black out side market set wrapper has been opened but these are GM set. Buy it for $100/set

5-L I have just 5 Molly DVDs remaining plus the DVD I made entitled Guide to Buick Turbo Regals which includes a free Bad to the Bone decal. Own both DVDs for $24. Molly one only have 5 left total. Neither of these have been on our website in over 2 years.

5-M For any year Turbo Regal the gizmo that attaches to the door jamb area plastic lever that usually breaks off that works the seat belt. Either side is the same. I have 5 of them. The price is $12 each. Usually the lever breaks off since its plastic.

Member all prices include shipping to the basic 48 states. Kind of like Amazon but on a way smaller scale.

Also my old open car trailer is for sale. 4 wheel brakes good radial tires 15 ft bed 7,000 gross vehicle weight $1195. Email for more info. Perfect for hauling Turbo Regals doors clear fenders.

member email me direct don't post your request here it may get overlooked.....