LC-1 issues, anyone seen this before??


May 21, 2001
When I initially installed the LC-1, it worked fine. The first time I took the car to the track though and set Scanmaster options on my PowerLogger, to display AFR, the reading was 22.2, an obvious error. Today I did some testing with a volt meter, and found the analog wires both are putting out the leanest voltage possible. This is 5 volts on the brown wire, and .1v on the yellow wire (narrow band simulator) I have re calibrated the sensor several times but always get the same result. No errors on the LED at all. By the way all of this is the same whether the engine is running or not. I never even made one single pass with this set up. I guess I will call Innovate tomorrow but thought I'd throw it out here and see if this has happened to anyone else. Thanks

Don't bother calling them:rolleyes: Call Full Throttle... Where is your O2 sensor mounted? Does your LED work at all?
I've got the LC1/XD16 combo.... never had any issues. I am also displaying the AFR using one of the analog outputs to my directscan.

Just for curiousity.... where is your 02 mounted?
Don't bother calling them:rolleyes: Call Full Throttle... Where is your O2 sensor mounted? Does your LED work at all?

O2 is in the down pipe. Led is installed and indicates all is well. No error codes, blinks slowly as it warms up, blinks faster as it calibrates, then a steady light. Scanmaster says AFR 22.3 everytime, and voltage in brown wire confirms this. I did recalibrate it in open air too.
Do you have the software that came with the wideband? (Logworks)
What is that saying?

I dont have a serial/usb adapter. You would think they could provide you with a means to connect the thing to a laptop made after 1999. Regardless, I need to have the analog wire working correctly as that is what Powerlogger uses. I think the thing is flaked out.Thanks
OK, maybe I am misunderstanding the way this thing works. I can't start the engine now, but if someone has one of these, what does your display show before you start the engine? Is it supposed to be 22.3, and then change to 12.5 or whatever after the engine starts? The only thing is, it was reading 22.3 when I was driving it last week.

Take the LC-1 out of the exhaust pipe. Unplug it from the brain box. Turn the key on for 10 seconds. Turn key off. Plug lc-1 back into brain box, leave it out of the exhaust pipe though. turn key back on. Led should blink slow until warm then blink very fast then go solid. Then put lc-1 back into exhaust. Always let the light go solid before starting car. If all is working right after lc-1 goes solid led afr readings will be 22? then after running go to the afr you have set. If not something is not wired right. Rick 87Gn what do think? Go Luck, i have the same issue at times.
mine did this...when the O2 sensor was about 10" post turbo. I moved it to the test-pipe area and all is well since.
Thanks for the help. I am just trying to eliminate the possibility of this being a defective unit.

Got it figured out. This thing is new to me so I didnt know it's SUPPOSED to read 22.3 until you start the engine. I thought it started at 14.7 and changed from there. I called Innovate and the tech suggested holding a propane torch (not lit!) under the O2 sensor after calibrating it, and see if it responds which it did. I am in the middle of a head gasket repair and cant start the engine. I didn't know you could check a sensor like that. The tech also said you can use a butane lighter.