LEGAL Detroit area "street" racing - Please read!

Mike Licht

I was here first
You all know that street racing is gettting the crack down. TV news, police getting tough, new laws where you lose your car, yada,yada.... We had an idea, suppose you could go to the dragstrip and race. Instant green, no time slips, no score boards, just racing with red lights for quick starts and win lights at the end. No arguing about who wins. Just get back in line. Well we (Ramchargers) would be interested in making this happen. Interested to the point that we would be willing to sponsor it at Milan. You would have to pay a reasonable entry fee and you would without question have to pass a safty inspection for the E.T. your car runs. Yes, roll bars and all. The track has insurance and that is not up for negotiation. We would make sure the track is prepped and sprayed. (it will at least be better than the street) And best of all you don't go to jail or lose your car. We need to find out if there would be support for this sort of thing. Meaning you would take it off the street and do it at the track. If you have comments, ideas, or concerns please post or send the to me directly at
Hopefully we can make this happen,
Mike Licht
Sounds good to me. I have heard of other tracks doing it and it seems to get good turn outs. Maybe we can figure a way to give cars or one person leaves first. Just like in real street racing.

I'd be there. Hey there Mike. This is Johnny (red 93 Camaro) had my car in your shop a few times. Hows things going over at Ramchargers. Wish you were still around in the fix-em up area. Need some work done. Anyways try hard to get this thing going. They have events like this in other states with great results.

US 41

I think US. 41 in Indiana has had great turnouts with their "street car chaos" program. I have been to one of them, it was really cool. Flashlight starts, carlengths marked off on the cement barriers, one car parked at the end of the track to see who gets the win. Flashes lights once for close lane, twice for far lane. No times or anything, its awsome. Actually the program was highlighted in Car Craft not too long ago.
I think if you talk to local officials, they would jump at the idea, especially if they are having problems in the areas. Good luck.
Good idea, but F*** MILAN. NHRA TRACK... WAAAAYYY to stringent on rules. I say goto UBLY. THIS IS A NON-SANCTIONED TRACK... THEREFORE... UBLY's rules, not NHRA's.

This would bring out WAAAYYY more people than Milan could. PLUS Ubly has recently been repaved.
Mike I will definetly be intrested in something like this. As far as Milan and rules, as of 2002 Milan Dragway is IHRA. Rules will be less strict. As if they enforced them before. Check out their link below. No roll bar/cage until 11.50. Count me in.
Sounds good to me, any chance to run is good. I like the idea of going to Ubly too, both tracks are reasonably close. See ya there.
I know that a lot of the guys that I hang out with would enjoy it. it would definatly speed things up and let you get more passes. Sounds good to me.