Legendary Motorcars


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Anybody see it last night? They bought a 1982 280zx. Peter Klutt really liked it. He said there were no significant cars made in the 80's. Really?
LMC are located close by and we have had a group of Turbo Buick owners stop by to take a look on several occasions.
They do have some very nice stuff.
However, they are OVERPRICED!
I would say so.

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Legendary Motor Cars is located in Milton (Halton Hills) Canada.
Since they are selling this car in US funds....with the currency exchange rate today, his selling price is over $80 grand Canadian, which is BS in my opinion!
This is getting into the GNX driver territory, which I would much rather have if I was spending that kind of CA$H.
If I have sugar coated this too much, just ask me how I really feel.

And you can bet he has half that in it at most. Car dealers are shrewd people and they will let you give them all your money if you are willing.
I can see a realistic number of $45k sale on this car . Is it me , or do the front seats look funny ? Like they curve in on the front edge ? Also , no undercarriage pics .