lifter noise on start up on new engine


my old engine had the same problem on start up it would rattle then go away -and now on my new engine with new cam and lifters still does it on 1st start up then is fine ---- i have a turbo saver -- is that possibly the problem !!
Should not be a problem(turbo saver). Need to know some information:
What weight and type of oil, idle oil pressure cold, idle oil pressure hot, oil pressuere rise with rpm, oil pump clearances, time sitting between initial starts????
sometimes it sits over night -it has at least 70 psi cold and 45 hot -- im using 10w 30 cause its a hydraulic cam --- been thinking about swapping in a roller to hopefully make noise go away
my old flat tappet cam motor always did that and now my weber roller with morel lifters does the same thing. its just the lifters pumping up. i tried every filter out there with the same results
i tried different filters and i made sure i used the gm lifters and it still there ---but it runs like a bat out of hell and only does on cold start up after it sit all night -- well thanks for the input ----i think ill live with the noise and hope its ok ---
Look at the up and down clearance on the cam sensor shaft, particularly with the high cold oil pressure you posted. I've had a rattle in the cam sensor on start up in the GN for years. It could use a shim, but I figure the noise is harmless.
Lifter noise

I own an 87GN with 47K miles,rattles just for 1-2 seconds after cold start.
Never makes any noise warm. My 87 GN powered sand rail can sit for a month or longer and NEVER makes a sound. Go figure.Skidman.
What if we were to have a crank sensor kill switch and did not activate it and turned the motor over a couple of times 5 to 6 seconds to pump some oil into the rotating assembly on a cold start?

I don't think it will harm the engine and oil will be pumped all over.

The starter should be fine too as long as you don't hold it for more than 6 seconds.
it just drives me nuts because its all brand new and my old stuff did the same thing ----- i really dont think it hurting nothing and it doesnt do it after 1st start up ----