atomic 6

Wait !,I know this one...
Is anybody going to the Americruise this weekend in Lincoln.
I will be there with my G.N. hope to see more there.
I was out with my T tonight. The heavy rain made for some VERY scary diving with the ET streets. Were you coming down Friday or Saturday? I would be out on Saturday to but I have a Bachelor party. Decisions, decisions. :D
Sorry I missed last night's rain,but I will be down there tonight .My brother was there with this turbo beetle,but tonight we will be in one of my cars,the G.N.
I took my Supra there last year but no one noticed it.
Hope there will be some racing later tonight. I heaar there is sometimes racing out by the pen.
Have you ever been out there?
A friend of mine has a big block tube chassis Monza,that has been out there.
Atomic, I just got home from tonights cruise, WOW alot of cars.

I think I may have saw you, were you in a Gray Regal with Monte SS style tailpipes or a GN? That was the only Regal I saw out of them all 3 GN's a grey T-Type and my White one. All together 5 Turbo Buicks, Not bad. But it only pales in comparison to all the Camaros, Chevelles and Vettes.

It was pretty awesome though, all the burnouts! I had a guy stand in front of me on the street while his buddies dumped water out, twice. One time they told me a Cop was standing about 10' away, Doh!

Maybe I'll catch ya next year.

Doug J
Dennis got busted for a water burnout in his truck Friday night :D $48 ticket.. doh!

I saw a GN with IA plates and aftermarket wheels but that was all. The car looked really low in the front. Who was it?

I was told that Blair had his GN out Saturday night (gnx wheels).

Mine was parked in the Haymarket where it was safe:D

Kevin, I stopped and talked to Blair Sat. night. He has a very clean GN. We talked shop for a while and he said he bought a wrecked GN to transplant the drivetrain to a regular Regal. He seemed to be a real nice guy.

I didn't see you out, Were you July Jamin'? How was the scenery down there? :D
I was passing thru so I checked out the show on saturday. Some of the street rods were amazing (like the studebaker convert with the Lincoln Mark VIII drivetrain and interior). My uncle was in from Wyoming, so I got in free to the show, riding shotgun in his '32 coupe :)

Talking to some of the street rodders, they admitted without prompting that the Turbo Regal is their most feared competition.

My Uncle even made it a point to turn on his A/C when he gave me a ride.
That G.N. You saw with the Iowa plates,is mine. My parents live in C.B. Iowa and it is still registered there.
It is really low in the front,it use to be that low all around, but i am just about done fixing the suspension,once I get a pair of 1LE rotors I can change the rest of the front.
There was a 69 Shelby 350 following me,he is one of my friends that came down with me,He was suprized more people were commenting on my car than his. That was nice.
Did anyone see my friend with the dark blue Monza,you couln't miss it the front half has flames, and monster B.B. chevy.
He races that on the street up here in Omaha.
It was pretty cool to see all those Omaha street racers come to town. I hear the racing later on (2-4a.m.) was wild. A friend that was there estimated about 3-4 hundred people. I kinda regret missing that.
Doug, so glad you got to meet Blair! Super nice guy. I need to get a hold of him in the next week or two. I need a ride in his GN for “comparison”. He has Darrel Rons (Rons Aamaco 70th and O) old GN that his son wrecked MANY years ago. All that is left is the drivetrain. He been talking about swapping that drivetrain for years. :)
Atomic6, It looks like a nice ride. The front end looks REAL LOW. You were across the street in the far lane and I thought about running up to ya and saying HI..:) I think the Monza was at the MSRA races in Dennis’ class.