lock the stall


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
Should i lock my stall or not, if i locked it in 2nd to the end of the 1/4 mile i should pick up some time right. How do i do so with my car.

I beat a 70's monte carlo, 2001 svt cobra and a mid 90's z28 last night on 15 pounds boost , 93 gas, and street tires. But i need more it seems like it does not grab real good when it pulls.

thanks guys
Thanks buddy, do you have this done to your car and does it work well. How bad is this for the tranny and stall.
i haven't done it but i'm sure i will.especially if i need those extra tenths:).

it does work tho,and until you get into higher power levels(mid-11s?)i doubt it's going to be all that bad for your trans/convertor.

btw,you can also have your chip burner program convertor lockup into your race chip,usually at a predetermined mph.

Iam getting ready to hit the track friday , should i lock the stall at the line in 1st or should i lock it when i get in 2nd.

thanks buddy, kevin
if you lock it at the line it won't lock up until your car shifts into second.

most people play around with when they lock the
convertor,different cars like it at different times.