Lonnie built Girdled Stroker, fresh 0 miles


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Well my recent divorse has me in a binde. I need to sell my fresh 0 mile still on stand Lonnie Diers built Girdled 249 ci stroker. Has a Cat girdle, 3.625 forged crank, 6" K1 rods and CP pistons. With a .040 HG you'll be right at 9to1 comp. Also has a XR4roller cam and Comp roller lifters, front cover and oil pan on the motor. All machine work and assembly was done by Lonnie. All above for $5000.00 if you want all above with GN1 alunimum heads which are on the motor with head studs $6000.00
including the heads for 6000 is a STEAL !!!!!!! You shouldn't have a problem selling it, you can't build it for that guys. I spent more that that on my stock stroke motor, no girdle, with GN1 aluminum heads ! Good luck with your sale. Daniel Ray
That is a steal! I went 4+ seasons of 9 second passes on my engine built by Lonnie. Also that engine has better pistons than mine and is stroked where as mine is a stock stroke. Wish I had the cash.
I wish I could keep it, I do have a ton of $$ in it . I have pics, I'm going to try to post them now. I do have a ported intake I can work in a deal if someone wanted. also a BMS 0 balaned hub.
Thanks guys
Also I'm sure Lonnie would give you details if you called him. tell him it's Nick form Chicago's stroker he just finished a few months ago.
Here are a few pics.. The heads just came back from the shop. pressure checked and new seals and got the springs put on for the cam...


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Found a few more pics on my phone, there small but pics:)


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Holy crap...this is quite a deal. Sucks having to sell stuff for so cheap. I feel for you bro. Exactly why I'm staying single. Good luck with the sale.

Sorry about the divorce dude. Know how it is. Feel lucky that you escaped with the motor, as if you were in Texas she would have it. Good luck on the sale.

Thanks for the kind words guys... hey I lost the house and most of my money, but I did get to keep the Buick, Audi and Jeep. And my clothes:D I will be calling everyone who PM'd me, please be patient I have about 10 guys to call..
Thank you