Look what showed up today


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My new S1 block 4.1 and its nice:)



I brought it right down and used my buddys sonic tester and the block is at 3.959 bore and has a area that the cylinder thickness is .200. I think im ok to bore it to 4.00 and then use my 3.590 crank..
I bought a Hogans off center production head intake im going to use on it..Here is a picture of the intake on the guys motor i bought it from.Mine motor will be look the same because im buying the same headers and have the GN1 heads and 76BB turbo. Things are finally comming together at least for mock up LOL



Ive also been collecting parts for my S2 for my 38 and its starting to take shape. I think i will keep the Hogans intake for the S2 heads for the 38. It has a ton of hood clearance and i can make just about any configuration lid i want :cool:


The real bonus is the guy i bought the S1 block from says he has another one....:) I had to have it!!!
Originally posted by geno
My wife says i need help:D
I think im sick...

she's right,and you are:D.

get to work man,woodburn opens march 10th,you gotta have it running by then!;)

btw,did you sell your stock block yet?i know someone who might be interested(no shipping:D).

i volunteer

to help you geno when the wife says all stage parts need to go ill haul them away for you ;) :D :eek: is this the kind of help you need


ps havent heard from dennis and the trip to seattle is on with a couple of side rips planned
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jace hope to hook up with you guys this year and run my car down there


just let me know when you are coming down and we will hook you up and help you out.