Looking and WTB: New cup holder riser in two tone black and gray?

Looking for a cup holder riser for the center console in the black and gray two tone combo either the shorty one or the one that covers the ashtray. Also am looking to buy a 1 1/8" scale gmp 87 grand national. I think the part number on it is 8001? Thanks.:)
Yes they are very nice

Yes they are very nice, I can't afford 120.00 bucks on one right now though. I do like the fact that you came up with this design, it does look like it belongs with the car.:)The only thing I'm curious about is why was the bigger cup holder added to the passengers side instead of the drivers? Can they be switched around? Or ordered like that?
Can't be switched around, it is on the passenger side so your BIG GULP drink doesn't get in your way of using the shifter.:smile: