Looking for 86-87 GN /T type,Near Alabama!


Car Poor
I have a friend that is looking for a Turbo Regal.Need a RUST FREE car,if a T,it has to be a floor shift,bucket seat car.Mods welcome,but it must be 100% streetable,with A/C and cruise,etc...Located in North Alabama,so it needs to be somewhat close,but will travel for the right car.He will have about 11-15k available (or more if the right car comes along) for one.He dont really get on the net much,so i am helping him.

I have a nice white T for sale in Central Florida.

Wolf - Hows it going? Hate I missed the Wed. DQ cruise-in. I really wanted to bring the Turbo T/A and drive it a few miles. Did your buddy sell his blue GT? Good luck on your search.

Under-Pressure - What is the details on your car like interior color and mods. What are you asking for the car? It looks to be very nice. Thanks.
Shane,i didn't even go to the DQ thing because of work myself.Me and my buddy are still looking for him.We have a few that we are looking at,but nothing final just yet.He thought he had the GT sold for sure,but he thinks the guy is waffling on him.That is one fine,fine foxbody.I am going to try to find him a turbo regal first,and i will probably be on the hunt before long.I would like to see the TTA of yours myself...Later,Wolf..

UNDER PRESSURE,can you send me some pics and pricing on your ride,i am having trouble bringing up the pics in the link in your sig...