Looking for an Intake


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Oct 8, 2012
Hi guys, just joined the site but have been a long time user of the threads. A lot of great information passes through on here.

Looking to buy an intake someone might have lying around for my 85 t-type. Owned this car for 5 years now and slowly back tracking through the previous owners botches on the car. One of them the coolant sensor and absolutely destroyed the hole and the threads putting in a sender for an aftermarket gauge (want to get the damn SES light off)

Any help would be great, PM me on here send me an email at tseminara1003@gmail.com or call me 443-624-5015 after 5 oclock EST on the weekdays, anytime weekends. Im in Maryland outside of DC.
I can send you several in different states of stripping. I can do a stripped one fairly cheap so make me an offer on one.;)
keep them for boat ankers? cores? or when we get more data on gutted ones?
You guys are funny!
Some beans for the laughing gas factory . . . :D

Hey guys, thanks for all the offers. Hopefully be able to get this car running right for the first time since Ive owned it this week!
why not just tap a new hole in the untapped boss next to the stock one? or tap it out to the next bigger size and use a reducer bushing to reinstall the stock sensor?