Looking for high imp 120-140lb/hr @43.5psi inj


Jun 7, 2001
I met a person recently that is very deep into tuning ECUs recently & he recommended Bosch injectors, but so far I have not found a good source to buy em, does anybody have any recommendations?

So far I called PTE, arizonaGN & TurboTweak. I prefer them to be flow matched.

When I look at Bosch's site, they make long, std & short inj. Different spray patterns & different connectors. TurboTweak told me to use EV1 connector & watch out for CNG injectors. Does anyone know the specs I need to know when ordering, in case I buy from someone that doesn't know what a GN is?

Also, what ohms are considered high impedance, if I'm looking thru specs?
You can get 160lbs high impedance from precision for a wheel barrel full of cash . I believe they are around $200 a piece.From what I've heard as soon as you start getting into these crazy fuel flow rates you should go low impedance.
Sorry 150$
I see Bosch EV 14 114lb injectors for $110ea, so far. I'm think 160s might be a little large for high 9s on E85.