Looking for new XFI software


Classic fast, XFI, SPortsman & MS3 programming
May 25, 2001
Guys, i would just like to check out the new xfi software to see how much different it really is. Anyone have a demo version?

Go to the FAST site, click on software updates and there is the link for the XFI demo there.

I just installed the system and on the surface it's basically the same. In between and underneath the surface it's a lot more feature laden. Just having the ability to really expand the screens while tuning is MUCH easier on my 40 something year old eyes.

Plus the platform will allow for a ton of upgrading over the years whereas the old box was maxed out.
The software appears to be the old version of the regular fast, am i missing something? :confused:
Awe ****e, your right. I looked at the download here button and saw the XFI disc pic and never read the words next to the button that said WP.

I'll send you a copy to look at.