Looney FWD noobie poised for strike...

Can a FWD buick at 2200lbs be fast?

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Radio Flyer

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So who wants to whoop on some imports....playing the game their way? I'll admit to owning an old school WRX that I'm also fixing up. This little gem I picked up off a buddy on a hunch it was something special for 200 bucks. After some work, she gets 30mpg. After some research...it also looks like a very potent sleeper. Behold! The dumpiest, most laughable station wagon to ever get it's own webpage. (%^$*ing water based GM paint :mad: )


What makes her special is this....


Anyone recognize that block? For those who just want it laid out, It's a 3.8 Buick block. There's the factory SFI "red-dot" manifold, a #25524139 engine block with #8445 heads. My best guess is this engine came out of a 85 FWD Century...or something like that. The #'s I got off the block were the important part. I still don't believe what's under there...or why the hell they ever put an HEI on it...

This is all part of starting my business tweaking cars and doing some custom work (been a hobbyist for 12 years...I'm now 26 working on diploma #4 in CAD design :D) My garage at home is almost finished, and I admit to my life being one big learning process with cars. It needed room for a press, grinder, welder, hoist, stand, etc...

So...what's the car got to do with it?

It can be stripped to nearly 2000lbs. Even though it's FWD, there's the same advantage as other fronties with it's light weight. The only real weak spot is the T-125C tranny. But, stripping off most of the weight will help a good bit. It's only a matter of time before something blows anyway. The math comes into play when I only need 200hp to break into the 13's with the stripped chassis. 11's at that same weight would only take 275hp. Believe it or not, I've found damn near everything I need for it, except a few things. I've even got the suspension tuning covered, which is more crucial to fast strip times in a frontie-powered car.

#1...I'm not sure what to do about the ECU. I'd like to keep the stock one and just fiddle with it to learn more about EFI systems. I'll post the ECU part # in a few days. But if anyone knows one of these like the back of their hand, please speak up. :confused:

#2...Just how much HP and TQ could I expect with a stock short block, ported and matched heads and intake, new cam and lifters, ignition, roller rockers, headers, and exhaust WITHOUT a turbo or S/C? Being such a light car, keep in mind it will need less to make it fast. I'm basically thinking of a "built" low compression engine ready for boost at any time :). I just wanna see how fast it'll go before I boost it. Remember...it'll only 2200lbs-ish with driver and fuel.

Most of the speed will come from the vehicle's stripped weight. AS part of my learning process, I'm converting her to a 2 door "post" station wagon, reminiscent of old 40's and 50's rods. Paint will be a deep candy maroon color, with all the body trimming gone along with the roof rack.

So...let 'em fly!!! Before you accuse me...yes I'm crazy, and no I don't do drugs....
Sleeper wagon

Radio Flyer--- Funny you should mention the wagon from hell idea as I was just looking through the Auto Trader down here in Dallas,Tx when I stumbled across this little gem of an ad................If I didn't just buy another car 2wks ago this would be mine...

1982 Buick Regal T-Type Wagon
GN intake,injection,rear end w/4.56 gears,S.S. headers,Borla Exhaust,NOS 6 pack,lift bars, DFI,also 60-1 glass hood and bumpers,intercooler

Picture is taken from behind,looks totally stock but has some torque thrust D type wheels on it............this would be fun to humiliate the imports with!:D

Good luck on yours!
If you look around the web, there is a video of a 10sec Reliant K beating the pants off of a Supra, very neat.

Good luck!
I have that video. It's hilarious! I got pointed to a Regal GS site, too. I'm getting some pretty good feedback from there. I'll keep posting my mods and such and how it's going in my thread there.
Glad to see ya'll aren't complete frontie-drive haters ;) :p. I'm going mostly full tilt on the thing...


Strippage starts soon for the pnael conversion, too. The more input, the merrier! I'm porting the TB and doing a laundry list at the moment. All from having to change that damn starter. I'm doing this because I don't wanna degrease under the damn car on the cold ground. Colorado just ain't warm enough yet. I'll redo the wiring harness just to keep from doing that for another month :p :D!
don't know how much that block is like the current 3800, but you should check out http://www.clubgp.com
there are some 14 sec grand prix gt's(N/A) they go about 3400-ish lbs.
2200lbs with fuel and driver is preety impressive...i think you'll be close
when you wanna boost it, there is a nice centrifical superchrger kit out there
we have 3 FWD 3.8s, happy with all of em:)
pm me