Loss of power to radion and door locks


May 8, 2011
I posted this in the electrical section, but no ideas. So I thought I would post it here. I recently wired up the lights in my aftermarket gauges by splicing to the parking light switch, all was well. 4 days later (drove it all 4 days) mid trip, the radio just looses power, later when I park I realize the electric door locks are not working either. Anyone know where these two items link together? Fuse? Linked power? Any direction to send me in would be helpful. Thanks
Welp... I feel dumb haha I could have sworn I checked that one. Apparently not, it should have been a dead give away when the interior lights did not light up when I opened the door. Thank you for helping me out in that one ha. I appreciate keeping it simple for me.
I had to unplug the cig lighter when this started happening to me. I would put a new fuse in and it would last all of 30 seconds.