Lost 2nd gear?


Livin' Like A Refugee
Was on my way out to Cecil last Wednesday. Got halfway there and the car didnt want to shift. Made there and it was a quart low. NO evidence of leaks, at all. It just happened, like turning a switch. All the time before its been great, I mean great. Shifted amazing. Dropped the pan and had TONS of clutch material on the bottom. Fluid was a little burnt. Not too bad IMO. Serviced it and no change. My trans builder (GREAT guy) says its gotta come out...

Has a Alto Red Eagle band & direct clutches, CK shift kit & servo (GREAT stuff), Art Carr deep pan and 700R4 filter mod, and -6AN cooler lines and dual coolers.

Thinking the band broke and/or separated, or the band anchor or pin broke.

Any ideas?