LOTS of Diagnostic Equipment For Sale!

I got busy since I last posted this stuff for sale & haven't had time to post it for sale again. Figured since we will be making the trip to the GSCA Nat's soon, it was time to post it again. It's all been in dry heated storage in my shop, just the way I got it all. Looks like the stuff applies to 1981 thru 2007 vehicles! Would like to see someone get it all! Can deliver to Nat's or Norwalk for FREE if purchased/paid in advance.

Here are details from the original post I made a while back:
I picked up a LOT of diagnostic equipment from a nice Cadillac dealer that went out of business. They were using this stuff approx 1-2 months before I got it, so it's not junk that sat in a corner or traded hands a dozen times. I moved some stuff around getting it to my place, and because I am not real familiar with all of this stuff, I really don't know what goes with what. I would rather see it all go to one person so they for sure get all the connectors & adapters & cables & software & paperwork (yep, got it ALL!) that goes with each unit. I would consider splitting it up if several people say that something is definitely not part of or needed with the other equipment. I don't have a ton of money in it, and just looking for a fair offer for it all & let someone get some good use out of it all.

Diagnostic stuff For Sale pictures by HRpartsNstuff - Photobucket
Check out page 10 of the pictures & work backwards, shows the stuff better.

The nicer newer cart that has the monitor & printer & speakers on it, is the Techline unit. That came with the nice blue interface/recorder that I looked online & was avail for $1600 by itself. The cabinet also has a nice Dell computer & was all setup as a package & had a lot of the smaller items either in the cabinet or in the cabinet on the wall next to it. It also hooked up to a cat5 cable in the shop & a network with the office etc. I was told by the owner that the blue "interface??" box that went with that unit has YEARS of problems & issues that got fixed & has all the info & details on them that could save a LOT of time diagnosing someones problem. Not only was the unit worth money, but the info that has been saved on it is worth a lot too.

The older looking unit on wheels has most of the cables still attached to it. The stuff that was in the lower section of this unit was laid out & pictures taken after the ones of the newer cart. It seems most goes with that unit, but some of what was in that lower section may be additional unrelated stuff that was just stored there. Seems with prices on new cars going up so high, people are keeping the older stuff & getting it fixed. A lot of places can't even work on the older stuff, so items like this become more important/valuable since I don't think anyone has made newer versions to fix the older cars. The small items (that I took first) may go with either or both units, since the cabinet on the wall that a lot of it came from was between the 2 units.

Let me know (VIA EMAIL ONLY, NO PM's PLEASE) if you are interested! If you pass it on to someone else that might want it all, make sure they contact me & let me know you referred them. I would be glad to pay a finders fee if I can sell it for a decent price to someone. It seems it does all GM stuff and some Ford & Chrysler stuff too (at first glance of paperwork etc). Like I said, I really don't have any idea what does what, so relying on the buyer to know what he is looking at. I see dates on applications that range from '81 all the way to 2007, so seems it covers just about everything that needs worked on! I just know it cost 1000's new & someone will get a lot of use out of it all & maybe sell some they don't need. If someone local gets it, I may put a clause in the deal for some free diagnostic time

The nice heavy duty 5 hp 3-phase air compressor might be for sale too, has a newer compressor unit on it & heard it run before bringing it home. I got a 10hp one too, but using the 5hp right now. Thought about using both, but seems the one will be fine for what I need.

Some of this can't even be found or bought new, and almost impossible to replace! (especially stuff on hard drive & in blue interface box). Like I said, would like to sell it all (except compressor - that's a separate deal) to one person so they get all the cooresponding stuff for sure! Already got extra manuals for things other people bought from the dealership, hate to have someone else not get what they need for part of this stuff.

Got close to 200 pics in all, showing part numbers & applications & more! And that is bunching a lot of the paperwork together & only showing the cover pages! I have looked thru it all several times already & still keep finding more stuff! There is a LOT of stuff here!!!

PLEASE E-MAIL ME IF INTERESTED, and prefer to sell all as a group if possible.
Asking $2000 for ALL of the diagnostic equipment, big techline cart with Dell computer, older rolling GM diagnostic unit, rolling electrical tester, blue MDI unit, plug in cartridges, data recorders, cables, books, etc, etc. (NO AIR COMPRESSOR)
How does this MAF tester work? Do you just wack the MAF with it while the car is idling like you do with a manual MAF tester?
I just got the stuff, I don't have a clue how to use it all! :)
If I did, I would be keeping it :D
I just make parts here :cool:
Maybe someone else could answer that one.
I just got the stuff, I don't have a clue how to use it all! :)
If I did, I would be keeping it :D
I just make parts here :cool:
Maybe someone else could answer that one.

Well then you really are one of us. 95% of us Buick folks don't have a clue how to use the stuff we buy for our cars.:p

Paul, I work at a GM dealer and would tell you at the nats what all you have there. I would be interested in some of that stuff. I will arrive late on tuesday in BG and be at the track from wensday on.
David Day
Still for sale!!

Everything is still for sale. Do not have any takers as of yet. Bowling Green is coming up fast.


Out of town right now, hard to get on-line to check posts. Will be back in town Thursday night.
$300 off price!

Will go $1700 for all!!!!
Can deliver to Norwalk event 5/21 - 5/23
Might have it there to look at/sell/split up, but would really like for one person to get it all. Money talks so make offers!!!
PLEASE Email replies if interested.
That's the unit that has the Dell Computer in it, and had lots of manuals/papers on Techline. The computer has all kinds of files saved, which I was told was all the jobs they did for many years saved on there. Should save someone a LOT of time diagnosing stuff if you know how to use it. The computer works fine, actually has better specs than the one I am using now for my biz :rolleyes: but figured I would keep the Dell with the rest of the stuff it came with.