LT1 Mass Air Flow Sensor

I have the MAF translator and looking for an LT1 MAF, when I go to the parts store they need me to be more specific. I can give them a couple cars, makes and models they can pull out 2 or 3 that all look the same but the price range is crazy. Will any of them work or should I be looking at a certain one, if so give me a good year make and model that will good for my GN...THANKS
Ask for a 2010 ish Camero , something with a V8 , Do not ask for a Vette , The on I got from AZ for a camero was like 140$ and the same one listed under was damn near 400$ , Same exact MAF sensor , OR just buy from one of our vendors but AZ will have it on the shelf .
I used the MAF from a 6.0 Silverado. Rock auto has them for $71, genuine AC Delco. You will have to buy adapters as it is 4", plus a 3 wire to 5 wire harness from Caspers. Altogether I think it was still under $100. It works great on my car with the standard MAF translator. From what I remember of doing research on this board, the 4" will flow a ton of air and has better idle characteristics then the Z06 MAF.