LT1 Vette, too much this time, but I will get him soon

Kyle F

Addicted to Boost
May 24, 2001
OK so I got the TTA out to go put air in the Tires and get some Parking light bulbs. Well anyone that has paid attention to me on here knows that my TTA is a salvage progect and I need just a few more things till I can get it inspected so its still all stock and road worthy, but still missing a few things.
So anyways I head down to the local Texaco Express Lube, where I use to work and were a few of my friends still work. I get to use the air tools for free heheeh.
Anyways after pumping up the tires and shooting the **** and showing off the car a bitI left to get the parking lights I need. Well the local Auto Zone is right accross the street.
So As I was leaving to go over to Autozone to get my lights, I see a red Vette with Chrome ARE wheels and flowmasters sticking out the back pass right in front of me. Well I knew right then I had to give chase. I pull up next to him at the next red light about 200 yards away. He looks over at my Trans Am(no TTA emblems on the car yet except the windo sticker and sail panels) and he kinda Smirks at me. I just smiled and he took off. I follow knowing it was on at the next chace we got. So he turns off on this back high way and drops it. I just let him go knowing that it was going to be of no use running a Vette from a 45mph roll if he got the jump.
NEx thing I know he slows up and lets me catch up to him and we are rolling at about 20mph so I knew I could get atleast into 1st gear. THough I didnt get a chance to ride the brake and build any boost. He drops it and I get into it to, I paced him up to about 80mph where we let off with out changing much of the distance between us. we basically had a straight road with a large curve in it that you can take at about 100mph cause its such a large sweeping curve.
So anyways we shut down and roll into a local body shop just up the road and chit chat for a bit.
He thought I was joking when I said it was a six, until I poped the hood.
So I dunno was it too much for me to be going after witha Stock TTA?
His mods were
Vette LT1 4L60E Auto with TransGo shift kit and 3.54 gears out of a LT4 car
High flow cats and 2 1/2" pipes into 2 1/2" in 2 1/2" out flowmasters
K&N Filter, Cut open Ait box, , Power Programmer, and Wheels and Window tint
So He was surprised when I showed him it was all stock, but then I showed him the show room borchure and a magazine artical I happened to have in the rear hatch and explained to him what it actually was. HE was surprised and inpressed. HE was really cool for a mid 40's man with a suped up vett. I fugured he would have been pissed
So how did I do? Was it too much for me to be hunting for? Shoudl his car have been faster than this? Give me some feed back here, cause if we would have went from a stop or even if I could have built some boost I would have taken him.

I would say with the mods u listed for the guys LT1 Vette his car is probably a low 13 to high 12 second car at best and stock TTA's run low 13's to high 12's so IMO it would be a pretty close race from a stop and whoever got a better launch (which would most likely be u) would win the race... From a low mph roll if he let u build some boost again it would most likely be a close race and it would most likely come down to whoever got the jump... Once u do a couple little mods to your car you'll be running low 12's to high 11's so unless he puts a bottle on his Vette he'll be seeing the ass end of your TTA!!!:D

When racing from a roll, try dragging the brakes a little bit while getting into the pedal. It usually helps spool up the turbo a bit faster.