Lynch Mob runs 6.26 @232mph at the Shakedown.


What more can you say. It looks like a nice ride to, not too crazy or ill handling. It's going to be interesting to see what's left

Here's a video of Lynch's old car the Mustang that he sold to TJ Casper vs. the new Lynch Vette. As much as I liked the old Mustang I think I like the Vette better!
$200K = 6.20's!!!!!

I don't care how much you have in the car if, you can't tune it then you will not beat any records. These guys know what they are doing!

Very Nice!!!!! Well done!
Give TJ a couple years and ithink he will set a new record i think he's only 18. I remeber when he was a baby, man how time go's so fast,But lynch is the king of the hill, WOW that is fast.. thanks
Here's a compilation video of Lynch at the Shakedown with the Vette~