maf trouble


joe bear
Dec 22, 2009
ok i changed my 85 ecm to 87 used the 85 cal pack put turbo tweak chip upgraded to a 4inch air introduction from turbo custom.installed maf translator kit, sensor and box.the switches are set off off off on and the other two dille are set on 0 it bogs and stalls never did this with stock setup and any help would be appreciated thanks
I'm no expert on the hot air cars but I will try and help.

I'm a little confused. No ce light but you have a code stored? How did you get the code? Scanmaster? Scantool? What code?
scantool i have someone working on the car no me and they told me that everything is good but the maf code keeps coming up
Make sure your connector from the Translator to the MAF harness is on the correct way. It is possible to have this reversed, which would be a bad thing... :eek:
Hello working on the car...and we did 87 ecm conversion..all is fine with the 85maf installed...i did not drive it but it idles fine and revs up when i install the 3.5 maf and dumps pours black smoke..runs terrible....just like your typical bad maf...the cel lt is on and code is maf high code 33....dip switches are set at on on on off...dials are at 0....this is a turbo tweak chip...set up for street and 30# ers..if i remember correct data stream of maf was like 236 grams at idle when it ran for a short period...which is not good at idle...correct....anyway where should i start..i was able to plug the factory maf con...into the tranlator this correct or no...should it be wired different maybe..lmk vinny
Like Uncle Dave mentioned. Check plug configuration first. Then check power and ground coming out of the translator.

Is the maf and translator new?

Can you put your hands on another ls1 maf for testing?
what were the switches set to?

the normal configuration for a 3.5" LS1 MAF are both dials 0, and the switches On On Off Off (extender chip) or On On On Off for most other chips (including turbo tweak).

yes thats what i have it thinking bad sensor.does this happen even when its brand new out of the box.
Very rare that a brand new ls-1 maf is bad.

Verify power and ground then verify wire configuration. Look real close at the maf. On the edge of the receptacle it shows the pin configuration + s -
Make sure the wire are right.
Also realize that if the connector was reversed it could have fried the MAF. Just sayin'...
version 6.25,ok i just checked the wires the yellow wire lines up with the grenn wire and all the connector pins line up could everyone post some pics of there setup so maybe i could compare thank you