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Oct 1, 2001
It's awfully quiet around here so i'll post some update on what I am currently doing. I got the itch to make a interior change with my car. Started out with some black Recaro Vintage SE seats and some black carpet. Initially I was just going to try that along with reupholstered rear seats and call it a day. Then the wheels started turning and I thought to change the full interior to all black. I did tons and tons of research on the SEM product line and watched hours of videos and tutorials online. So I went ahead and committed fully into hitting a home run or striking out. This is how it looked before.


So I pulled out all the interior except the dash and ordered all the SEM products I needed to get started. Products include the Landau Black interior paint, Plastic adhesion promoter, vinyl prep, SEM Soap, a all purpose degreaser, Scotch bright pads and some microfiber cloths.


Then realized leaving the dashboard in was going to be a epic fail... so now everything is out except the steering column.


I figured I would start with the dashboard. I degreased it first with some all purpose cleaner (similar to Spray Nine), then SEM soaped it 3 times with a scotch bright pad until the burgundy color was faded with no sheen. It was the perfect time to do this because the car is laid up for the winter anyways and it's going to be parked til at least late May so I was in no hurry to rush anything. After prepping it for paint I used the SEM Vinyl Prep to soften the dashboard to promote adhesion. First was a lite spray, then waited 15min to do a heavy spray and wipe it in one direction and let that dry 15 to 20min and started applying the first coat of SEM Laundau black to it. First coat is supposed to be lite so your can still see the burgundy through it. 2nd coat came 15min later which was well covered. Let that sit for 20min, then laid down another heavy coat to complete it. Came out perfect and looks like that was the way it was made from the factory.



It looks great so far!
Red (burgundy included) is my least favorite interior color so personally, I’m glad your changing it.

I think it will be incredible!!

Thank you for posting.
Excellent job on the prep & paintwork, you must be a very patient person!
It's looking great so far, can't wait to see the further updates!
I have to admit that picture 3 looks like my worst nightmare !!! :eek:
Good Luck and ENJOY!!!
Sent out my upper and lower door panels, sun visors, back seat, decklid for the rear speakers and the small bit of fabric under the rear qtr glass window to be dyed. The headliner was reupolstered. I found a guy that specializes in this for car restorations. He says that this process will take 2 to 3 weeks because he spends a great majority of time steam cleaning and prepping the fabric first, then lays down multiple coats of dye on it, then scotch guards it when completed. When asked if the fabric would feel hard and offset. He said no, it will feel just like it did before and will not offset on your clothing. Here is what they look like complete. I was blown away how nice this looks and feels.
Center console time. Never realized how many screws hold this thing together. Everything that can come off, did come off so I can get every square inch of this console done right inside and out. I'm really surprised that this color wasn't a option from the factory for the T-types.

Excellent job on the prep & paintwork, you must be a very patient person!
It's looking great so far, can't wait to see the further updates!
I have to admit that picture 3 looks like my worst nightmare !!! :eek:
Good Luck and ENJOY!!!

Pic #3 looks a lot worse than it really is. The dashboard is really easy to come out. The part that a lot of people don't know is that there is another harness running from your fusebox to your steering console that is attached to your dashboard in multiple spots about 8 inches apart from each other from one side of the car to the next. That is the time consuming part to removing the dash. But I spent the day rewiring it, rerouting wires, and re doing my air vents behind the dash. I disassembled the factory air duct, and just used the portion that runs to the windshield for my Vintage Air heater. The vents for the foot area will be done when the dashboard goes back in.

All the interior pieces are complete. Ended up using 16 SEM Laundau black cans, 1 tube of SEM soap, 1 can of SEM vinyl prep, 1 can of SEM plastic adhesion promoter, lots of shop towels, scotch bright pads and micro fiber cloths.

Yes, pic #3 is horrifying!

Nice work.

First TR that I located for sale & test drove was a burgundy model.
While the interior is out, I decided to strip the rest of the car and send it out for a complete paint job to go with new interior.




Very impressive, your work shows that you are very detail oriented!
I'd love to see the Engine and any under-body pictures that you may have.