man, talk about fugly

The Dodge Ram pickup-looking hood kills it for me, but I gotta respect the effort put into it.
For that $$ I'd rather a classic muscle car. At least in 5 years it would be worth more money. That freak will not be worth 5k in 5 years.
yea. What an a$$. 22 psi out of a 4 cylinder and it makes 750 hp? yea right. Show me the dyno sheet on that one. What a MORON. He don't even list what size injectors are in it.. lol
Originally posted by FlyinGN
yea. What an a$$. 22 psi out of a 4 cylinder and it makes 750 hp? yea right. Show me the dyno sheet on that one. What a MORON.
Guys, guys! Read the description more carefully. Who needs a dyno sheet when you have "4 NOS bottles sitting behind the Sparco racing seats." :rolleyes:

He's invested in at least $3000 worth of trophies too. Why do so many of his trophies look the same anyway?
Assuming it really does build the HP he says (I'd demand a dyno run, not just a sheet from a previous run), that still leaves the nagging question:


Why would you build this? What dolt would buy it?? It's worth $8k to $10k on it's best day in front of the dumbest buyer!

What a tool! Hell, for $49k (reserve not met, BTW:rolleyes: ) you could buy a GNX (or any other collectible car) and have money left over for a nice TR street car!
15" LCD screen...Gzz Bigger than TV in my room...
Everything looks really sloppy...for 50k he is expecting to get everything he put into it back out through the sale which never happens...Just look at teh enlarged pics of the interior, what a hack job ecm is laying on the floor and the monitor looks like they just hacked it out and glued it in...
700hp w/ fwd and limited suspension upgrades?? The wing must transfer downforce to teh front:rolleyes:
Those of you who mentioned the trophies are right, there is like 4-6 all lined up in a row witht the same height, top, and color???interesting

all in all he needs to get rid of all 4 "NOS" bottles, take off the wing, change teh taillights either back to civics or skylines, and clean up the motor/interior installs...lower teh price to 22k and then if I had 22k I still wouldnt take it but idk:confused:
Throw 4 100 shot bottles of NOS at it ... that = 400 Hp right???

Im pretty sure 746 was using rice math (K&N = 10 hp, headers =20, so on). I have no doubt for an import Im sure that car makes some serious power... I'm also sure It probably cant put it to the ground.

No matter what... its STILL a Honda Civic, no ifs, ands, or buts.
"drive this down the street and peoples jaws will drop"

Of course, how else will the puke exit the face?
if someone gave it to me i would go stock hood and a supra type wing and paint it black and go make me some money with it

either that or just do it all stock and make it look like a regular civic and make some money

both have their merits and both would be funny but like i said IF SOMEONE GAVE IT TO ME:D
4 bottles of naws dude! :rolleyes:

theres no f-ing way thats a t-60 turbo, its tiny! the wastegate is bigger than the whole turbo!

did you see the roll bar? 6 point but bolted to the floor board, that will help when you get in a wreck...

and the sparkly rainbow stuff around the nitrous bottles, looks like a fag car!

you do know this all goes straight back on whoever made fast and the furious! if it wasn't for that damn movie everyone wouldn't think cars like this are the baddest thing around, there flat out stupid! 4 bottles of NAWS a 4" exhaust tip and a indy car wing don't do a damn thing for those cars, there is a time when each helps, but not this car. if you want to run a 24 hour lemans race, 4 bottles of nitrous would help. if you want to run 8's a full 4" exhaust would help, not the tip though. if your running at 200+ mph a huge wind goes help. whats next 13" slicks for the street? wear a helmet and firesuit around? ... hate that movie

i do have to give them some credit for a LOT of work. the way they changed the tail lights, it looks, uh, i can't say good, but professional. the lambroghini style doors look cool (not on this car though) lots of wasted time that could be spent on the crapper making stuff that looks just as good...