Manual Boost controler Questions (sinful6?)


Former owner
May 22, 2002
i have a boost controler from
i bought it because a few fellow buick owners recomended it to me for fast spool and elimination of spike.

my questions are as follows:

i tried to hook it up and realized that the stock hose size from the compressor and wastegate are too big of an inside diameater to fit on the spiggates of the boost valve. the instructions that came with it said to use a 3/16 ID hose.

will this size hose fit on the stock turbo compresser thingie?? will this fit on the waste gate thing? (sorry if my terms are overly technicle lol)

also, say my car is set for 16 PSI via wastegate actuator and i put this valve on. can i set my boost at like 18 and turn it up and down with thevalve from that point?

last question, i have heard of this being used in conjunction wit the "other" type of manual boost controler so that you can adjust from inside the car. if i do this, how will i route the hoses and will it cause more lag if the hoses go all the way from the MBC to the in car adjustable plastice valve?

sorry for the leingtheyness
i have one of his boost controllers, i think the 3/16" hose is the one i used, you might have to 'convince' it to go on.... i didnt have much trouble, i just zip tied over them to make sure they didnt come off.

and for adjusting the boost, with the knob all the way out.. the lowest boost youll run is 16psi... or whatever you have the wastegate set too...

hope that helps