Manual brake setup..


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Nov 23, 2003
i need the stuff to swap over to manual brakes in my 87T, need whatever i need to have to bolt in,the master cyl, adapter plates, rods, ect.. let me know what you have plus shipping cost to zip 02664, take care, John
I have one out of a NA v-6 Regal, vacuum booster, master cylinder and pedal asm.
All you need is the cotter pin (you can use the one thats on your car) and I suggest the aluminum vacuum block w/the provision for vac. brakes.
$45 + ship was $17 parcel $27 priority.
Hi, im not sure if that what i want, i want to get rid of the vacuum booster, i thought it was just the master cyl, the rod and an adapter plate, this is what was shooting for and i can just remove the booster from my current setup, i asked.. heres the link to what i want to do..

if its the same as your tlking about then cool, i'll take it, do you have a pic of yours so i can compare, thanks..john.
Buy the Strange manual cylinder. Adapt the stock powermaster firewall plate to fit. It comes with a new push rood and dust boot. You also need a small female end heim end and drill out the stock push rod stud.