MAP sensor ID

Brian Collins

New Member
Nov 5, 2004
I found a map sensor in a box of stuff that came with my car. Can anybody tell me anything about it from the numbers on it. TIA

On the side that the hose plugs in: PBT-GF30

Back side of the conector: C B
749 9171

Next to the bolt hole: 466
Thanks, I think I'm about the 10th owner for this car. This piece looks new but I assume a previous owner planned on turning up the boost.
Any place I can read more about 2 and 3 bar map sensors?
for a car running on stock ecm and no alky injection adding a 3BAR inplace of the stock 2BAR will only make the stock gauge read wrong (if it reads right anyway) the map sensor on the buick turbo is just for the indash boost gauge and has no connection to the ECM ,

if you decide to add alky injection then going to the 3BAR is done since it is used to contol alky flow and you will be running boost in excess of the 2 BAR map sensors range

if you do an aftermarket management system like FAST or DFI or go mafless like the translator pro or MER then the 3bar (or 5 bar) is needed and its output will be wired into that management system to determine boost/vac and then adjust fueling according