Map sensor no longer reads 100 kpa with key on

Lee main

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Nov 6, 2017
Hi everyone,

the Buick the last few years has been running amazing, then all of sudden when I hooked up the laptop to make an adjustment I noticed with the key on MAP only reads 89 kpa . had a spare brand new MAP sensor that I changed out for fun and still no difference.

We are talking an old but brand new fast grey box bank to bank that has worked exceptional the last 3 years!
MAP sensor is gm 3 bar 12223861

Let me know what you think and or need more info.

What is your altitude? I think 100kpa; key on engine off would be at sea level. The higher the DA the lower the reading.
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4800 feet!

Come to think of it I never noticed when I did the original tune a while back. I was just reading the fast instructions recently and they state 100kpa. Good catch! I was maybe blaming this issue with another one I have then lol

I not able to drive faster then 10 mph as the car has no power and leans out to 15.0 afr

Bad gas maybe...everything checks out ok on the fast dashboard.

89kpa is about right, a bit high maybe depending on the temperature.

This is why they came out with load % at a later date on XFI, at each key on the pressure is reference instead for fuel calcualtions.