March 21st Atco Buick vs. Ford


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I was wondering who is going to this event. A four hour drive for me and my car won't be out of storage yet but I'm wondering who will be their to show some GN/Buick force. Sound off.
Sounds Like fun. I should have the turbo back on my car by end of next week. I guess only time will tell if I get everything back up and running.

I am heading to Englishtown Tomorrow wednesday March 3, wll not be in my smoking turbo GN. Will be there in my Maple Aztek though looking for Nationals to check out
Well I'm hoping to hear that some out there have been able to wrap up their winter projects and get out to the track. It will only be worth the 4 hrs. if I can see some nice TRs to motivate me forward on mine.