MASSIVE turbocharger failure.


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May 27, 2001
Someone is trying to tell me if a turbo failed the compressor wheel and the turbine wheel are going to chew through their respective housings and fly off into the sunset.

since this guy is not listening to reason, id like to see some pics if any of you have them... showing a catastrophical turbo failure. if this needs to be moved to the lounge, please do so.

sooo.. anyone have any pics or stories?

I believe Reds Hot Air is the "Guru" in that area:D , if he's still around and has digital pics. Might do a search on him
Greg Kring's Turbo exploded at Ennis a few years ago. The Turbine Housing was totally perforated and more than a one turbine blade exited the car through the hood.

Lots of witnesses saw it and the aftermath.
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what size turbo was what though?

I'm not sure of the size of the turbo (maybe a 66?), but the turbo being too small may have played a roll in it's massive destruction.

A larger turbo wouldn't have been spinning as fast :)
the situation this guy was worried about was a turbo mounted behind the rear axle on an ls1 camaro.. right infront of the fuel tank. the thing is though.. the turbo would only be pushing 8psi in full race tune.. the worry was the turbo could explode and puncture the gas tank.

yeah right. 8psi isnt stressing anything.

thanks for the info man!
He cant fabriacate a shield out of a material like an SFI trans shield is made of?
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I'll bite - what is the turbo doing next to the rear axle?

It's a goofy F-body idea. He better be using it with an auto trans, because the lag should be just about horrible. Would be fine for a tow vehicle, but not the hot set-up for a performance car.

I'm sure it they looked a little harder, there is room up front.
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Greg Kring's Turbo exploded at Ennis a few years ago.

Here's some pics of Greg's turbo: turbo 1.jpg turbo 2.jpg turbo 3.jpg

As I remember, his turbo was a bit undersized for his engine, though I don't remember the specifics. And just because this guy is only wanting 8 psi doesn't mean he can't overspin his, it all depends on the size he sticks back there.

There isn't much space in the engine compartment to mount a turbo on a 4 gen f-body.

As far as lag there really shouldn't be any as the LS1 is 10.2:1 compression.
they make a low mount single turbo kit check on I think most run about 5psi on the stockers.
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Here's some pics of Greg's turbo:

In person, it actually looked worse than the pictures show. Almost 180 degrees of the turbine housing is perforated and the blades that went through the hood went through the hood at "hundreds of mph"