PTE 7270 Gen2 CEA Turbo ****Guaging Interest****


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I have a Precision Turbo Gen 2 HP 7270 Billet CEA Dual Ball Bearing Ported H-Cover with Brand New .85 A/R 3 Bolt Turbine Housing for sale.

This turbo has less than 1000 Street Miles ( all using E85) and purchased from Precision thru Boost Crew Motorsports. Turbo is excellent condition and always run with PTE Turbo Saver.

Selling to upgrade to larger Turbo on my 276 CU Stage2 Motor.

New this turbo sells for $2650. See link:

Selling for $1950 plus shipping *****Save $750*****

Paypal accepted as F&F or add 4%

Located in NW Burbs of Chicago-in Palatine

PM if interested or need additional info



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Still available.........Nobody looking for a Bad Azz Dual Ball Bearing Turbo PTE 7270 W/.85 AR
I guess there are just too many with 14 second engines, that can't handle that turbo!
Try the other boards, such as the import guys?