massive wheel hop???


Breaking parts
May 28, 2001
why is is that i have massive wheelhop. when i take off the tires will spin a little then starting wheel hopping bad and the car shakes..... i have the following.......ride side airbag at 20psi, new pep boy shocks, 275/50 nitto drag radials, new springs that were in the car when i bought i was told, a longer snubber taht is all mashed up in half since the rear is bouncing off it. everyting else is the same bushing are old and unboxed control arms? any ideas on whre to look? thanks
Replacing the bushings would be the best bet. The stockers are probably flexing so much that they can't keep the rear end still. Poly's would be the best. Then get rid of the snubber..

There are a number of things that cause suspension flex in a gbody car. Springs shocks bushings and control arms. If you have good springs and shocks you have a good start. I would however recommend somethng like CE drag shocks or bilsteins instead of regular shocks. Bushings are another large issue. When checking out the bushings also look at the mounting holes in the frame. If the bushings are let go too long they can cause elongation of the mounting holes in the frame. After over a decade these wear rot and start to get soft and cause suspension system flex. Last are the control arms. The stock arms are made of stamped steel and have a tendancy to flex alot. You can either box in the upper or lower control arms with a kit or get some excellent uppers and lowers. can provide you with both solutions for the arms and can provide you with bushings that are a work of art. Drop an email to them and they will be more than happy to help you.