max effort or ultra chip?


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Jul 9, 2001
Which chip is better a max effort or ultra chip? Better meaning tunability and ease of use. My combo is in my sig. I am looking for a one stop chip for my pump/alky and/or 100/alky.

I would like one that has different timing when I put in the higher octane? I like the ME page and the ability to play with my fuel curve, thus being allowed to level my A/F ratio.

what is everyone using? I currently have a JL93 chip with 21*, and my A/F is not linear, but I still have to tune it more.
It's apples and oranges...the ultrachip is a series of different chip profiles and you can select the chip you want by the thumbwheel.

The MaxEffort is an user programmable chip that allows the owner to customize parameters to fit his combination to the utmost. It is more akin to a dfi set up than a conventional chip. It is also completely open loop and is not intended to pass emissions. It is really aimed at the racer altho most of us use it on the street as it works so well.
Can the ME have two timing settings on it? One for pump gas and another for higher octane?
So I am assuming this is the chip to get and should be the end all be all. Unless I upgrade my injectors!!!!

I love the fact that I can tune my fuel curve from the bottom end to the top!!!
Just as an alternative,
why not save your money and go for the Translator Plus?.
Only a matter of time before there aren't and MAFs avaialble.
What are the pros and cons for either ME or translator plus???
Is there a post or page on that writes about the differences?

The MaxEffort works extremely well with either a rebuilt maf or a plain translator and an Lt1/LSI maf..take your choice. The ME is NOT sensitive particularly to maf selection. It will work with a standard maf (oem or rebuilt) or a standard maf with no venturi cone for increased flow, or the aforementioned Translator/late model maf.

The ME is a programmable chip which allows the user custom tailor fueling and other parameters to ones particular combination. It is not a competitor to the Translator. In that it resembles a dfi set up, it goes beyond conventional chips. It is aimed at the faster crowd and enables one to dial in the car for both street premium and race gas. It is also ideally suited for alky use due to a number of parameters which may be customized to optimize alky.

As noted by numerous users on this board, and elsewhere, it is simply the best available unless you want to spend a couple thousand on a Feldpro/SpeedPro/Speed or whatever it is called today. It is not intended to pass strict emissions testing as it is a race oriented unit. It does, however, provide excellent fuel mileage and street performance retaining normal features like tcc lock up, etc.

Beyond all the reasons given above, the outstanding feature is the service provided by Steve Yaklin in support of his product.
I would get the Max Effort and be done with it, you will not be sorry. You can do a lot more with it than a Translator as far as going fast and tuning. Nothing wrong with a Translator it has a lot of benefits. But there are people running 9s and 10s with the Max Effort. I can tell tell you first hand, it works.