MD/VA/DC area TR owners as well as anyone interested in a 9/11 Cruise

*** UPDATE ***

OK folks. Here is an update for the "Ride For Pride" Cruise.

Everything is official and ready to go. There is a new thread now on the F body hideout with all the information necessary. There were a few snags and problems that had to be sorted out, but it looks like everything is on track. The cruise will start at Fort Hunt Park. That's in Alexandria, VA. Basically the cruise will venture it's way around the DC beltway and then make it's way to the Pentagon (accurate directions of the cruise are on the new thread). Most of the information I gave earlier is still correct, but please send me a PM if you have any further questions.

Now, when I first read the thread, it says F-bodies and Mustangs welcome. But I've spoken to one of the organizers of this event and have been reassured that Buicks ARE welcome. As well as Corvettes and American Muscle. (I don't think this means the Neon STRs and kids with Cavaliers)

I know several people have already expressed interest. As for myself, I intend on being at the park around 2 or 3pm, so don't think you'll be walking into a swarm of F-bodies and be all alone. :)

I look forward to seeing everyone there. Please remember to have a full tank of gas for the cruise. Also, remember to bring candles and flags as you wish.

One last thing. Please PM me or write to this thread if you are planning on attending. Just so we can have a good idea of a headcount. This way you don't have to register on F-body hideout just to say you're going.

Ride For Pride ** Update Thread **
Hey Chris, u gotta be kiddn " around the beltway" yep u will need
a full tank of gas and equal amount of patient. :D
Originally posted by turbofrank
Hey Chris, u gotta be kiddn " around the beltway" yep u will need
a full tank of gas and equal amount of patient. :D

It shouldn't be too bad being a Saturday. Perhaps a little slow comin' thru 270. I didn't make the route, but I think the idea is to be a hi-profile event. I know there is talks of several local papers and magazines to cover this event.

But yes, you're right Frank, you'd better have a full tank of gas unless you want to do a mid lap refuel then catch up! :)

Hope to see ya there!
Seems not too many people noticed this thread the last time I posted an update so I'll keep bumping it every few weeks.

I would like to get a head count of who's interested in going.
I have interest, unfortunately, I can't give a firm commitment yet.
Also, I am not a Turbo Buick owner, just an enthusiast.

That's OK. I don't think you can participate in the cruise itself necessarily, but if you like nice cars, I'm sure you could drive up there. Just post back here when the time gets closer. I'm sure many people aren't sure yet.

Sounds interesting... I might do it if I ever get my car in shape and get it to pass emissions... lol. Two kids got most of my time tied up right now, but maybe I'll get a chance to work on the GN later this summer.
Thanks for the bump TorchTA. I'm back in the states now and I'm really looking forward to this day.

If anybody has any questions now that the time is getting closer, please PM me.
OK... it's getting close!

We're a few weeks away now and I haven't heard much on who's interested. I'm sure many of you are busy, have other plans or are putting your cars back together, but if you can, I think it'd be a good gesture to show that you "haven't forgotten".

Let's hear it folks! I've been hearing F body members coming in from Ohio, North Carolina, Delaware and further!
My schedule recently changed so that I have weekends off. This work perfectly! Where are the TR folks meeting?

Lemme know!
Right now I'm just planning on meeting at the park mentioned in the f-body thread. If I knew a bunch of TRs were coming then I might think of another meeting place. But I think that park would be the easiest.