MEGA project but I'll save it. Turbo Century

So I've been reading about carbs here for a while. Looks like if I go Holley, I need to do a boost reference conversion. Looks simple enough.
I'll be painting the Century a more modern blue that is close to the original shade. I will have the decals and stencils made at my local vinyl shop for the quarter panel logos, fender hawk, and stencil for the rear trunk inlay that's black. Since I cannot locate the Turbo 3.8 Litre hood badges, I'm going to have them made too in chrome vinyl. I'll be using 1987 Grand National wheels that I just recently purchased. Since the car is a split bench column shift car, I have a very rare non shift Buick console from an 86 Regal. I will need another drivers side split bench to use on the passengers side. I was originally going to do a console shift but feel this would be different and still be Buick. I also have the Grand National Concert Sound speaker grilles for the door panels. So it will still be stock appearing but have some GN stuff. I'd also like the power 6 logo embroidered on the 40/40 bench headrests. I'll do my custom painted woodgraining technique on my dash panels like I did on my 442. I may do light and charcoal gray instead of tan and brown though. I like the charcoal inserts on the GNs so this will get me both worlds. I will be tucking and painting the bumpers and may black out all the trim. I don't really care for the front end (header/grille) on the Century. To me it looks like a Dodge Aries K. I have a header from an 81 Century that I like. I am an A/G body guy but have to do my own things to break out of the box.

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The hood emblems have been on eBay in the past. I think I have some old NOS if needed. You could also try Coach’s Custom Parts (Fabro Cater). He does a polished stainless version designed from NOS emblems I supplied him.
The hood emblems have been on eBay in the past. I think I have some old NOS if needed. You could also try Coach’s Custom Parts (Fabro Cater). He does a polished stainless version designed from NOS emblems I supplied him.
How much would I be looking at for the NOS ones?
I google searched for Coaches but nothing but a link to turbobuick on trailing arms. Anyone got a link? I don't have facebook either if he's on there


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They look like this. Keep in mind, no picture Ever has done these emblems justice.
If you look in the “new parts request” section, he has the first thread there.
I cannot wait to get this car home so I can at least give it a much needed bath and a thorough going over. I have learned quite a bit about early draw through stuff in the last few days. I do have a question though. I plan on rebuilding the turbo myself but not sure what the turbo is to get a kit. Is it a T3 style?
So I just sold my 78 Salon and now have some money to put in this car. I didn't plan on selling it but got a pretty big offer so I took it. Looks like there's going to be a really nice Century build now.
Isn't it funny ? There STILL are many of these cars out there, and in MI. , their still rather abundant. I came across to "A" Bodies (both 78 Regal's) and bought both for their trim ... THEN I found an 84 Hurst Old's ! *The D.E.Q. "lettered" the owner, telling him to get it out of the woods ! "LOL". "It was rotten beyond belief", but anyway: "they ARE still out there".

Craigslist sure can "sniff-them-out" !.

I remember (at the Dealership) your very Century, those were the "good ole days".

*Would LOVE to also, see your progress !
Below is the Old's I preface in the above ... gese for supposedly "rare-car", they sure pop-up all the time !

Hafrod. Find a set of 8445 heads if you can. They are better than what you have. Look for the extra rib/casting between the water ports at either end of the head. GNTTYPE.ORG has a good photo guide on these.


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I love these cars. My brother had an X-11 Citation back when blah blah - hatchback days!. I remember bugging him about the other GM brothers that he could have had, but mostly the Century Turbo Coupe.

I may have posted some of these pics before (but can't find them on search) so here are a couple more. BTW I think hte family that owned the dealership 'back in the day' had kept this car in the family over the years. Pics are from a car show years ago now.

TurboCoupe1.jpg TurboCoupe2.jpg TurboCoupe3.jpg TurboCoupe4.jpg

I used the early 'Spirit Black-hawk' logo on my project car. A local airbrush artist did custom emblems I designed for my GN.

Also I like your color choice.
It has been awhile since I've posted anything. I've been working on some of my other projects. Today I went to a salvage and happened onto a 1979 Turbo Riviera. I about fell over. My heart rate went up because of a rare car with hard to find parts is sitting there in front of me. I had little money but I grabbed some of the parts I desperately needed for my Turbo Century. The non computer controlled Q Jet was my main thing I did not have in my possession yet. I grabbed it, the distributor, turbo control box, PEVR, knock sensor, accelerator cable, and the three switches on the LH inner fender. Also some emblems and other smalls. I would like to get the turbo and intake but I don't think they interchange with RWD stuff.

Nice haul. My dad had one, marroon and silver with the big graphics on the trunk. As a self absorbed teenager I didn't realize what he had. Winters were not kind to it. I may have one rim somewhere...
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