Merry Christmas to me from Kyle Moran!!


Valve Monkey
It is my great pleasure to announce my victory over this thrice banned member!! Today I received a check from my attorney for the full purchase amount (minus 1/3 in fees) of the now infamous "never-fired short block". Do a search for Kyle or Larry Moran, me or my screenname if you want more details. I'm not gonna rehash it all here.

I told them and you my brethren that I would NEVER let go of this!! I consider this a victory, not only for myself, but for all the people who got ripped off by this person. It became a crusade for me. I didn't care if it cost me 3X the original purchase price as long as it cost him money!!

A warning to would-be con artists: DO NOT TRY TO RIP US OFF!! We are a tight knit group. Like a family we have our own internal disagreements. But let an outsider try to wrong us and you will have to deal with all of us!

My thanks to all of those who provide information and other assistance in this matter. You're a great bunch of people.
Good for you Rich!!
Glad to see you did not let that dirtbag get away with it.
My hat's off to you ;)
Thanks. It's been a long time coming. It cost me a little money (filing fees, 1/3 of the settlement) but getting the money back wasn't the point. I had to see it through to the end. No one had ever pursued this guy because of the hassle and expense. He apparently thought no one ever would. WRONG!!

It can be done, folks! Don't give up! Trolls can be beaten!
Good to hear Richard!

Maybe you could help others that might be in the same situation that you were in? :)

Congrats. I have closely followed your situation as he contacted me about purchasing one of my cars. I let everything play out just to see what would happen and much to my surprise;), he never followed through or did anything he said. Have a happy and safe holiday season.

Bryan :)
I'd be more than happy to help anyone in a similar situation. Just ask!! It's not rocket science but a few tips might speed up a miserably slow legal process.

I was pretty sure there were some folks who remembered this and might like an update. I know I had a pretty long list of victims who for their own reasons had chosen to just move on. I was in a position financially and time-wise (car was gone, didn't need the motor or the money in a rush) to follow this through.

The person in question may well be on this board again under yet another screen name. If he is, I hope he's reading this. If he identifies himself to you in discussing any sort of transaction, RUN!! Even selling to this guy would be ill-advised. There are plenty of other honest TR and TTA guys to deal with.

Thanks again,

Hope Santa leaves a wet steamy pile in every lyin' thievin' punk's stocking!