Merry Christmas to the Carolina Members


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Sabrina and I wish you all the most merry and wonderful Christmas ever. Here's hoping for our extended turbo family that next year starts the cycle which brings us closer together again since we seemed to be drifting apart these last couple of years.

I know there are still a few big meets around but due to life these are not always possible to attend. A few of us still see each other during some local show/cruise events but with the show being the main event we don't really have the time to talk turbo stuff. After all we are kind of a niche crowd and if you don't talk Mustang or Chevy then conversations can be limited. What I miss are the local group meets and especially the old GM_TURBO6 core group. Meets where we can set down and talk with each other while sharing pizza or wings or there are enough of us together to make up our own little section at the show. I miss our group show at Autofair as well. (I understand that most people can't commit two days to a show but it was something I looked forward to twice a year.)

It seems funny to consider people family just because of the cars they drive so I choose to think it is because of the family we are that we drive the cars we do. Just like any family, as time goes by it becomes harder and more of a chore to spend time together. I think this family is worth the effort. Let's make next year better than the last. That being said I'll make the commitment to host at least one meet this year. Just an idea for now but anyone up for an early spring cookout/softball game?