Metco Driveshaft Loop ??

Sal Lubrano

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Apr 26, 2002
I went to install mine today and it hits the body of the car on top of the loop. Has this happened to anyone. I can tighten the bolts and it will work but it is putting pressure on the body. Has anyone put washers in between the body and loop to lower it the required amount so it does not hit or will this cause a problem?
Both Ive done did that. It may be in the actual design for it to touch the tunnel.Perhaps thats one of the reasons why they have so much room. I had no problems and think is the best loop out there.
To install a driveshaft loop, do you have to remove the driveshaft and slide it over? Or can you just bolt it up around it?
ANDYS87 said:
To install a driveshaft loop, do you have to remove the driveshaft and slide it over? Or can you just bolt it up around it?

Had to remove the driveshaft for the Kirban one I installed - but, hey - I did new u-joints while it was off -(didn't need them - but preventive maintenance...)
I had to use washers when I installed the Metco unit in my previous GN. just be sure to use good quality bolts that are long enough and large diameter washers, like "fender" washers.

I ended up switching from the Kirban loop to the Metco in my old GN. The driveshaft would hit the Kirban loop under hard acceleration. However, the GN I have now had the Kirban loop already installed when I bought it and it has *plenty* of clearance - go figure. :rolleyes:

Thanks for all the replys. I will find some fender washer to put there. Speaking of U-Joints I changed mine as well and let me tell you. This was the first time I did joints that had a seal like that. As I was heating them up they exploded like gunshot. Pretty impressive. Good luck and be carefull when doing these. Wear safety glasses!!
The Metco loop is designed for a precision fit in the chassis. Installation is easier on some cars depending on mileage, T-Top vs hardtop, and other factors. The floor of the car tends to sag in the area of the loop, and the greater the amount of sag, the more interference will occur between the loop and floorpan. On some cars, jacking up the car by the engine crossmember actually worsens the problem.
Adding washers is generally unnecessary, but it is an option. Installation is simplest when performed on a chassis lift, and tightening all four bolts evenly will draw the loop tightly against the floorpan. But we've installed dozens of these loops using nothing more than a hydraulic jack, jackstands and an even tightening sequence.