Milling machines. which one to buy?


Black Sheep
Mar 25, 2003
We bought one from Grizley several years ago and my idiot partner didn't even try to listen to me. I believe this was the one I thought would be the most usefull at the time. It di vertical and horizontal milling. As far as a lathe, get a seperate one and if you can afford it get a tool room lathe. Much more accurate than a standard one.

G9904 10" x 54" Vertical Mill w/ Power Feed - Belt Drive Head
I'm with the crowd that says get a full size "bridgeport". But I can understand it being too big. If you get a small one, just make sure it's not a round collumn. All the ones you listed are square collumn, which is much more rigid. With a round collumn, the head will swing when you take a hard cut. Just don't expect the small mills to do anything like what a bridgeport will do.

You'll quickly find that the mill is only about half the cost. You'll spend a lot of money in tooling. As long as you get R-8 stuff, it will transfer over to a "bridgeport" later.

Just to try to convice you that a full size mill is the way to go. I bought a Sharp (bridgeport clone) with a digital readout in PA and had it shipped to TN. Even with shipping I have less than $1K in it.

Get the bridgeport. Watch craigslist. I have seen them as low as $500.The norm price is between $800 and $1200. There was a company selling two of them for 800 each and they had cnc boards on them. that is giving them away at that price. There is one on there right now for $22.000 with a cnc attachment :eek: I would love to have one myself they are just way to big. I have the smithy which is a good size. Two buddies have the bridgeport and they love them.but thhey use them every day.My smithy is luck if its spins three times a year:biggrin: