Gotta Love That BOOST!
Oct 6, 2003
:eek: Can a bad MAF make my car miss???????? My car currently has a little miss if you hold the rpms steady at about 1200 rpm....I've replaced the coil pack, module, TPS, plugs, wires, etc....I've even checked the cam to make sure no lobes are gone.....I'm runnin out of ideas here:confused:

Thanks in advance


1986 Buick Regal T-type
210-205 cam, stock turbo, intercooler, etc...........
Dk. Blue Metallic w/tan leather interior
I've gone thru 3 mafs & usually they start with a miss but just get worse & die in my case. Lots of chug, burp farting & poof! Something steady at 1200 RPM for how long? Day or two maybe three & could be Maf but for a long time constant & steady I dont think it is? I am NO GURU!!! Just my experience!
Anybody near you have a turbo regal?

If so, I would get with them and start trying known good parts off of his car onto your car and see if it fixes it. Save alot of money and hastle. Alot of things could cause this.
Yeah a good friend of mine has a 86 T-type...I convince him into letting me use his MAF and go from there....The idle just sucks It doesn't want to idle..I checked for vacuum leaks and found none...

This is a fairly fresh engine.....I did a compression check just to be sure about 1,000 mi. ago and they all were around 160-164 psi...Yeah I checked and set the TPS and IAC with a scan tool also:D But my next question is when adjusting the IAC it didn't want to move much at all according to the scanmaster!!! So I took it out and tried cleaning it, seemed to help for a while but it still has the same crappy idle.... I tried to get the IAC readings close to 20 at idle but then for some reason it will start climbing back up to around 40. I do have the factory chip in it for time being....Some times it will idle great without missin a beat the next time it will barely run :mad: