modded lightning and modded LS1


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Nov 24, 2001
had a good night last night- driving the tta
sporting the original tires i knew id be toast for sure, but i just had to give it a try :)
i decided to race my buddies 99 viper from a 60 roll- it was close, but he came around once we got to 115 or so and left me sitting still. oh well, just need more mods for that kind of car... nice race though.. he also owns 2 fast gns too
we came back to the local spot and everyone was asking who won the race. obviously the viper did as expected-

now this cocky LS1 ram air trans am owner heard i lost to the viper and starts buggin me to race-- not a problem dude, i gotcha covered..

i tell him we can do a 40 punch and on the 3rd honk GO!!

well my buddy hears all this, owns a 2002 lightning, has the bigger crank pully for 15 psi of boost, cold air intake, and no muffler, more stuff i guess, it ran 12.90's at107 with 10 psi of boost.... asks if he can join in too!! hey a 3 way race-- off to the highway!!!! now it gets interesting--

we head off to the highway and the lightning gets lost in traffic getting to the highway- so the ta and i go from the 40 roll and my ta puts about 7-8 cars on him by the time we are doing 100.
now the traffic dies down and the lightning catches up-- all 3 of us are side by side. i look at my speedo and its right at 40, so i power brake it to 5psi and start honking,... at the 3rd honk i had the boost at 8 psi and let her rip and never looked back!!!
my car spun the tires from 40-60 mph and slung rocks on the lightning.. sorry bout that.. i took the car in 2nd to aboout 68 mph and 3rd to 5000, and shifted into od.. looked back and had easily 10 cars on both of them!!!!
turns out the lightning and ta were neck and neck all the way to 120 or so and the ta barely pull the truck,
anyway-- i had the tta set at 24 psi with pump gas and alky all the way up-
i talked to the ta owner after and they said i had NOS on my car!! i just laughed and said, nope, just pump gas and in street trim!!
they couldnt believe it!!
what an awesome feeling to just dust those guys!!
cant wait for the new cam, turbo and injectors
You should race that Viper, from a dead stop and just wear his ass out for the 1/4 mile!

I've raced a few at the track that wouldn't even give me a second look until after they see my taillights!! :D
Good Kills...

Nice Kills! Some LS1 guys just can't beleive that old 3.8 V6 turbo cars can smack them around without N2O. I'll never understand how they can be so ignorant... I know better ;)

Any idea what kinds of mods the ram air had? Was it a 6-speed or Auto?
I personally saw an SVT Lightning run an 11.80 with a 150 shot of nitrous and 15 psi of boost on some 26X10 slicks at the track.

Bad A$$ truck looked and sounded pretty stock (except for slicks).
im not sure what mods the WS6 TA had - BPU+ i guess.
never met the guy in my life, so i cant tell ya what he had done to it, probably pulls 106 or so in the 1/4 cause the lightning pulled him by on the top end...
i couldnt tell i was too far ahead :)
Nice 'kills".......Watch those Vipers from a dead stop. If they know how to launch it, they come out real hard!!! :D
You've found the trucks weakest point to race, from a roll. The trucks make huge amounts of torque on the bottom but quickly become an aerodynamic "brick" beyond about 85 mph or so.

I'm not trying to start any crap... I love high performance equipment... And I respect it... There are a LOT of vehicles out there that I'll look the other way from, but I do love these trucks. ...:D

It might be interesting to let that 02 L get a few miles on it and then do some 1/4 mile or stop light work.... You might ride with him a few times from a stop to see how it feels and sounds inside. But bear in mind, you're a LOT higher up in the truck, so it doesn't feel as fast a when you're down low....

Whatever you do, be safe out there... Way too many carless, hormonally challenged individuals out there endangering the innocent (and stupid :) ) on busy streets/highways....

You've got my respect.....
yeah, the owner calls his truck the rolling office building!
the new lightnings are kick butt, look good, and handle too!

I call mine the "Big White Farm Implement". Occassionally, if I go hunting ricers, I'll throw some straw in the back. REALLY ticks 'em off when you bust them at the light and they get the straw blowing out.... (grin)

My wife calls "him" Howler cause of the supercharger noise at high rpms....

Also, don't know how many miles your friends 02 has, but most of them really "wake up" after 3 to 6k on the clock. Mines about 3800 now and the last few hundred it's been like an altogether different vehicle cause it broke in (finally).....

Only Thing Scarrier!

Originally posted by RPM WS6
Nice Kills! Some LS1 guys just can't beleive that old 3.8 V6 turbo cars can smack them around without N2O. I'll never understand how they can be so ignorant... I know better ;)

Any idea what kinds of mods the ram air had? Was it a 6-speed or Auto?

The only thing more frightening to a 5.0 guy than the F-cars, are the Black Buicks.

My brother has a '99 Z28 and swears to this day, he'd never race a GN or TB, he'd race a Lambo before he'd ever step in front of a GN!:cool: